Policies and Procedures

Hours of Operation

The Walter and Leonore Annenberg Presidential Conference Center (“APCC”) is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. These hours may be extended for special events as needed. Times may vary depending upon the nature of the event. The APCC reserves the right to close during University holidays.

Priority of Users

For scheduling events at the APCC, the following priorities shall apply. (It should be recognized that the establishment of priorities for facility usage is a necessity, but past experience has indicated that there will always be the need to make exceptions on certain occasions.) These priorities apply for all the rooms under the direction of the Director at the APCC.

Order of Priority

  1. George Bush Library Foundation
  2. George Bush Presidential Library (through the George Bush Library Foundation)
  3. Academic or administrative departments of TAMU
  4. Recognized student organizations of Texas A&M University (“TAMU”)
  5. Agencies within the TAMU System
  6. Affiliated TAMU organizations (e.g., the Association of Former Students, TAMU Development Foundation, and Research Foundation)
  7. Non-University Affiliates (Approved by Director)

Eligibility for Use

All groups requesting the use of the APCC are subject to the approval of the Director or his/her designee.

All groups, in accordance with TAMUS and TAMU Policies, Rules, and SAPs, the facility cannot be utilized for commercial or political purposes, fundraisers, or for any event resulting in personal financial gain for an individual or group.


  1. Fees. A current approved fee schedule is available in the office of the Director or can be requested via e-mail at apcc@tamu.edu. There are four types of approved fees:
    1. Academic Department. All Texas A&M University recognized academic departments on main campus, as determined by the President of Texas A&M University. All events must be academic in nature.
    2. Recognized Student Organization. All recognized student organizations at Texas A&M University, approved by the Vice President for Student Affairs.
    3. Affiliated. All non-academic Texas A&M University and Texas A&M University System entities as determined by the President of Texas A&M University.
    4. Non-Affiliated. All other entities not associated with Texas A&M University.
  2. Deposit. An advance deposit, as specified in the fee schedule, may be required for confirmation of a reservation for programs sponsored by non-affiliated organizations.
  3. Bond and Insurance. Non-affiliated users of the facility may be required to provide a contract performance bond or pre-payment. Non-affiliated users may be required to provide liability insurance covering injury to persons, including those resulting in death, and property damage insurance, including damage to the APCC, in amounts and under policies satisfactory to The Texas A&M University System Director of Risk Management. Copies of such policies shall be furnished to the Director no later than 30 days prior to the program and in all cases prior to the announcement of the program.
  4. Payment for Damage. All users and sponsors shall be responsible for payment for damage to the APCC and its fixtures and equipment, whether caused by the user or its patrons, ordinary wear and tear accepted.
  5. Late Cancellation Charges. All Non-Academic users will be billed 50% of flat rate facility usage fee and all Academic users will be billed a $200 fee for any reservation canceled later than fourteen (14) days before the date of the event.
  6. Event Charges. All users will be billed as per Fee Schedule, as deemed appropriated by Facility Management. Estimates will be provided at user’s request. Staffing requirements will be determined by the Director in relation to the demands of the event. A log time will be maintained and the client will be billed after the event.
  7. Late Event Changes. There will be a 10% charge for changes made within 24 hours of the event.


Application (Reservation form & Statement of Agreement) for use of the APCC shall be made to the Director or his/her designate.

  1. Eligibility and Priority. Determination of priority shall be made by the Director.
  2. Tentative Reservations. Tentative reservations may be made for proposed programs through the Director or his/her designate.
  3. Confirmed Reservations. Tentative reservations become confirmed upon execution of a use contract or memorandum of agreement. Confirmed reservations are subject to cancellation by the Director for the following reasons:
    1. Date requested by the George Bush Library Foundation;
    2. User fails to comply with the terms of the reservation;
    3. User fails to comply with the conditions stated therein;
    4. User fails to show adequate financial resources for presentation of the program;
    5. User is not willing or able to adequately perform all required duties and responsibilities related to the program; or
    6. TAMU is officially closed due to weather or other emergency conditions.
    7. A reservation is not Confirmed until 6 months prior to the event date. A Confirmed contract will be sent to the client on file by a member of the facility staff at that time.
    8. A program for which a confirmed reservation has been granted can be preempted by a user of higher priority.
  4. Identification of Sponsor. The user may not assign or delegate any control or responsibility to any other user or co-sponsor, agent or third party without prior written approval of the Director. All users or co-sponsors of a program must be clearly identified prior to confirmation of a reservation. Reservations for presenting one program may not be used for presenting a different program without written approval by the Director.
  5. Assignment of Reservations. No reservation, tentative or confirmed, may be assigned in whole or in part to another user by the original user.

General Policies

  1. Appropriate standards of dress and behavior will be observed at all times for events held at the APCC.
  2. All groups are responsible for leaving APCC facilities clean and orderly after use and are responsible for any damages incurred. An additional clean-up charge may be assessed for areas not left in a satisfactory condition.
  3. A representative of the APCC must be present at all events held in the APCC. Any complaints regarding the APCC and its operation shall be addressed to the Director.
  4. Decorations may not be affixed to walls, ceilings, or stairways of the APCC. No confetti, glitter or glue may be used.
  5. Use of candles and plug-in air fresheners are not permitted inside the APCC.
  6. Pets are not allowed inside the APCC, except for the TAMU official mascot, Reveille, former President and Mrs. Bush’s dog, and those used to assist handicapped persons.
  7. The use of special equipment must be approved by the Director. Rental charges of such equipment are the responsibility of the user organization. General equipment such as projectors, etc., may not be brought into the facility. House equipment, with the exception of computers, must be used.
  8. All persons or groups using the APCC must abide by TAMU Rules and Standard Administrative Procedures.
  9. The APCC will not be responsible for lost or stolen articles or for any liability arising from the use of the APCC. Found articles will be left in the office at the APCC.
  10. The APCC does not allow Poster Exhibits/Sessions in the Lobby.
  11. The Presidential Dining Room may only be reserved for banquet and reception usage. 
  12. All banquet food must be setup within the reserved banquet space the meal is occurring in.  The only exceptions are those events, receptions, being held within the Lobby.
  13. All tables; registration, program, award, round workshop, book sales/signing, etc. are required to be covered by floor length clothes.  Linens may be rented through the facility or provided by the client.
  14. All Vendor drop off/pick up must be pre-approved by facility management, occurring within that agreed upon time and same day as the event.
  15. Modifications and exceptions to these policies may be made at any time it is considered appropriate by the APCC.

Scheduling Conflicts

The Director of the APCC or his/her designate will schedule programs in the APCC. The Director will attempt to resolve any conflicts with users. If the Director cannot resolve the conflict, he/she will make a recommendation to the appropriate Vice President.

Alcoholic Beverages

Possession or Use.

Per University Rule 34.03.01.M1 (2), possession or use of alcoholic beverages at the APCC requires the review and concurrence by the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer or his/her designate for each event. In addition, in all cases, possession or use of alcohol must be in full compliance with applicable State laws including the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code.


An alcohol request form may be obtained by calling the APCC at (979) 862-3488. Service provider must be approved by the APCC Director.


All bills will be prepared by the APCC and will be considered payable in full upon receipt. The APCC reserves the right to require deposits and appropriate account numbers for organizations/groups using the APCC.


Parking for the APCC is on the west end of the building adjacent to the George Bush Library & Museum parking lot (PA43). User should contact Transportation Services at (979) 862-2551 as to availability and services available. After 5:00 p.m. and on weekends, parking for APCC events is available anywhere in the complex. 

Parking availability is subject to change during Football Season.